• Who We Are

    CHANGE Health Alberta is a registered charity committed to equipping kids and families with skills and knowledge for healthy living. Our community-based initiatives include summer day-camps, after-school clubs and evening family programs. Each of our initiatives include health-based meal preparation and physical activity in the context of fun and adventure.
    • Healthy Living Skills

      We believe in building the practical skills for healthy living. Together, we engage in Healthy Meal Preparation, Outdoor Physical Activity, Exploring Nature, Yoga and more.

    • Community

      We believe healthy living is something we need to do together, and we value building connections and community.

    • Discover Adventure

      We believe in the value of adventure – getting away from our devices and rediscovering a sense of wonder in engaging outdoors in nature.

  • Healthy Steps for CHANGE

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  • Healthy Steps for CHANGE

  • Family Programs

  • CHANGE Family Programs

    Each week, families have the opportunity to connect to their community and learn healthy meal preparation and exercise skills through participating in fun, hands-on activities led by health professionals. 

    Each session offers a range of activities and lessons that are based under the 4 Pillars of CHANGE:

    • Nutrition and meal preparation 
    • Physical activity and lifelong wellness 
    • Mental health and well-being
    • Family relationships and community connections

    If you would like to attend this program, please register here
    We still have spots available. 

    If you would like to help facilitate this program, please click here

  • Summer Camp

  • CHANGE Adventure Camp

    CHANGE Adventure Camp is a week-long day-camp designed to equip youth with skills for healthy living in the context of fun and adventure. 

    We have adapted CHANGE Adventure Camp for COVID precautions.  We have been fortunate enough to partner with the Family Connections Center in Stony Plain, who are allowing us to use their building as a “hub” for our CHANGE Adventure Camp. Having access to the FCC building will allow us to offer in-person camp activities from Tuesday-Thursday with access to washrooms and an indoor space if the weather is not cooperating.

    In order to make our camp as accessible as possible, we will be providing bussing to and from the FCC building in Stony Plain from an Edmonton community each week. Children aged 7-13 are invited to join us for camp. 

    In addition to the three days of in-person activities, games, and crafts, we will also be hosting a cooking lesson over Zoom on Fridays. Recipes, ingredient lists, and Zoom link will be sent out the week of camp. Our Nutrition Coordinator can provide families with an Ingredients Delivery Box with all necessary ingredients

    • St. Bernadette and Central McDougall Camp
      July 7-10 2020
    • Belgravia McKernan Camp
      July 14-17 2020

    • Stony Plain/Spruce Grove Camp
      July 21 -24, 2020
    • Ledrum Camp
      July 28-31 2020
    • McDougall and St Bernadette Camp
      August 4-7 2020
    • Belgravia McKernan Camp
      August 11-14 2020
    • Stony Plain/ Spruce Grove Camp
      August 18-21
  • In partnership with  Global Edmonton/Corus Creative,
    We have can showcase our Adventure Camp!
    Check out the Trailer  or view our full-length Episode!

  • Would You Like to Send a Child to Camp?

  • After-School Clubs

  • CHANGE Adventure Club

    In partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area, we have been able to offer an after-school club.

    The Clubs go on adventures to various locations in the community. We focus on facilitating fun, healthy-meal preparation, interaction with nature, and physical activity.

    Main Activities include: Hiking, Exploring Nature, Cooking Classes, Relay Races, Obstacle Courses, Fort Building, and Yoga.

    • Grades:
    • McDougall
      Thursdays until 5 pm
    • Delton
      Thursdays until 5pm
    • St Alphonsus
      Thursdays until 5pm
  • We currently offer Adventure Clubs at three locations in Edmonton.
    Please contact us if your child would like to get involved at one of these locations.

  • In partnership with

    Global Edmonton/Corus Creative,

    We created Adventure Camp TV


    Local Children Discovering Local Adventures

    Check out the Trailer

    View the 1st Episode!

  • Meet Our Leaders

    • Serena Humphries
      Research Associate

      Serena is a Research Associate in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta. Serena is a health services and policy researcher with diverse methodological training in health research methods, including program evaluation, qualitative and quantitative research methods.


    • Doug Klein
      Family Physician

      Dr. Doug Klein is family physician and researcher with the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta in Canada. Dr. Klein co-founded Edmonton’s MOVE program. He has strong connections to primary care physicians in Alberta. Passionate about health promotion and the benefits of nature, he can often be found outdoors with his wife and three children.

    • Matt Kallio
      Exercise specialist

      Matt is a Fitness Enthusiast and Basketball Fanatic.  Professionally, Matt is an Exercise specialist working as a manager at the Edmonton Oliver PCN. He Co-founded the MOVE Program in Edmonton and was previously an instructor at McEwan University.

    • Darren Nichols
      Emergency Physician

      Dr Nichols is a Family Medicine Emergency physician. He is previous ultramarathoner and passionate about healthy families and communities.  He interested in socially accountable medical education and health care. 

    • Felicia Ochs
      Wellness Coordinator

      Felicia Ochs is the Wellness Coordinator for Parkland School Division #70 in Stony Plain, Alberta.  She received a Master’s degree in Education in 2006, is a Sivananda certified yoga instructor, and spends most of her free time swimming, running, or having dance parties in the living room with her three young daughters.

  • Thank you to our Sponsors

    • When you realize that your health and well-being can be affected by your food choices, the connection is extremely powerful.

      Gail Hall, Food Writer, Educator and Owner of Seasoned Solutions
    • We are seeing a whole generation who do not know how to cook, eat properly, or be active. Families spend more and more time on devices or in front of screens. We need to ensure all Albertan families have the kind of support they need to create new habits and skills that they can maintain life-long.

      Dr Doug Klein, Family Physician
    • Mommy, I love nature, we must be kind to her.

      Stellan Greenwood, Age 5
  • Contact Us

    Contact us if you are interested in getting involved, partnering with us, or would like more information.